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Equipment Overview
Welcome to Posh Media's Conference Equipment solutions, where we provide the essential technology to ensure your conferences are a resounding success. Our top-tier equipment is designed to elevate your events and captivate your audience.
Simultaneous Interpretation Systems

Overcome language barriers in multilingual conferences with our simultaneous interpretation systems, facilitating clear communication for all participants.

ISO-Approved Booths

Our ISO-approved interpretation booths provide a controlled environment for interpreters to work efficiently and discreetly during multilingual events.

Exhibition Booths

Create a visually appealing and functional space for exhibitors to showcase their products and services during your conference.

PA Systems

Ensure crystal-clear sound quality for presentations and speeches, making every word audible and impactful.

Essential technology to ensure your conferences shine.

Delegate Table Microphones (DigiMics)

Enhance communication by providing individual microphones for delegates, making it easy for them to be heard and participate.

Video Conferencing Unit

Seamlessly connect remote participants and make your conference accessible to a wider audience with our state-of-the-art video conferencing equipment.

Roving Mics

Facilitate audience engagement by allowing participants to ask questions or make comments with handheld microphones.

Conference Backdrops & Pop Ups

Set the perfect atmosphere for your event with our professional conference backdrops and pop-up displays.

Video Recording

Video Recording

Preserve the highlights of your event with professional video recordings, allowing you to share content with a wider audience.

Printing Station

Printing Station

Provide convenient access to printing services, allowing attendees to obtain necessary materials quickly and efficiently.

Audio Recording

Audio Recording

Capture every moment of your conference with high-quality audio recordings for future reference or distribution.

Media Gallery
Relive the magic of our art carnival event through our stunning media gallery.
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